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2022 Wounded Warrior Run - Sgt. Steve Kowan

May 31, 2022 Matt Waterman/Steve Kowan Season 2 Episode 12
True Blue Podcast
2022 Wounded Warrior Run - Sgt. Steve Kowan
Show Notes

We're joined by Sgt. Steve Kowan who was the VicPD 2022 representative for the Wounded Warrior Run that takes place on Vancouver Island in late February.  Steve and a number of his family members are police veterans, including his uncle, Sgt. Larry Young, who was killed in the line of duty while serving on the Emergency Response Team with Vancouver Police.
Sgt. Daryl Baswick also joins us for this interview and was a participant in the run in 2020.

Steve talks about some of his memories from visiting small towns on Vancouver Island and some of the motivation he had for participating in the run.   Meeting other first responders and military veterans who suffer from trauma related injuries was inspiring for Steve.  PTSD is known as the silent injury that can have a devastating effect on family as well.

Sound editing done by Todd Mason.

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