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VicPD Medical Director - Dr. Mark Vu

June 15, 2022 Matt Waterman/Mark Vu Season 2 Episode 13
True Blue Podcast
VicPD Medical Director - Dr. Mark Vu
Show Notes

Dr. Mark Vu has been serving as the Medical Director with VicPD since 2016.   His expertise has been so important in developing programs and improving equipment at VicPD and ultimately has provided enhanced medical care and improved overall member safety.

Dr. Vu has been training all Patrol officers on basic medical care and also concentrates on making sure on duty police have access to advanced medical support while deployed at critical incidents.  He is an anesthesiologist at local hospitals and has been a massive asset at VicPD helping us navigate the COVID pandemic.

25:20 - Comments on the Fentanyl Crisis
40:30 - Dr. Bonnie Henry
41:45 - Todd thanks Dr. Vu for his efforts
46:45 - Dr. Vu suits up in a CS Gas training environment

Sound editing done by Todd Mason.

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