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Homicide Detective - Det. David Bratzer

September 20, 2021 Daryl Baswick/Dave Bratzer Season 1 Episode 28
True Blue Podcast
Homicide Detective - Det. David Bratzer
Show Notes

Guest host Daryl Baswick talks with Detective Bratzer who currently works in the Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit and is well known for his successful BC Human Rights Tribunal case against the Victoria Police Department in 2013 - case heard in 2015 and decision released on 4/20/2016.  He served as President of L.E.A.P.  (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) and has given evidence in front of the Senate to advocate for changes to drug laws.

Dave tells the world he learned to drive during his Block II training and over the following couple years as a patrol officer.  Great story about working with Murray Bayles.

Detective Bratzer talks about suffering an OSI (Operational Stress Injury) while investigating a file in the homicide unit.   He highlights the need for officers to feel supported by the employer, your family and your colleagues.

The VCPU is thankful to Dave for standing up for everyone's right to express their political beliefs!

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