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Bonus Episode #6 - Crisis at VicPD (Part 1) - Cst. Jenny LeQuesne

October 17, 2021 Matt Waterman/Jenny LeQuesne
True Blue Podcast
Bonus Episode #6 - Crisis at VicPD (Part 1) - Cst. Jenny LeQuesne
Show Notes

Union President Len Hollingsworth joins us in the studio to set up these Bonus Episodes where we hear about the effects of the lack of resources and the increased hostility against our Union sisters and brothers.  In Part 1 of the Bonus Episode, you will hear from Cst. Jenny LeQuesne who was injured two years ago while apprehending a disturbed male in need of hospitalization.  The details of the assault on her are scary and violent.

Jenny is a 14 year veteran of the police department, a mother of two children and now so severely injured she will never be able to return to operational policing.  She has been diagnosed with PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder, the kick to her head has left her with a serious neuro-cognitive disorder which has changed her life.  Jenny has written a "break-up letter" to policing and tells us about how hard it was to write that letter.

Later in this episode, Jenny talks about her volunteer work where she walks dogs at the local animal shelter as part of her recovery therapy.  Unfortunately, Jenny was assaulted by another disturbed person recently further highlighting the violence in our streets.

Sound editing done by Todd Mason.

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