True Blue Podcast

Season 1 - Year in Review

December 22, 2021 True Blue Podcast team Season 1 Episode 36
True Blue Podcast
Season 1 - Year in Review
Show Notes

Season 1 of the True Blue Podcast is dedicated to the memory of Marisa Neilson, may she Rest in Peace.

The podcast team runs through the list of episodes and the list of topics to highlight our challenges, our successes and our goals for Season 2.

Opioid Crisis; Meth Crisis; Mental Health Crisis; police involved shootings; illegal protests;   defund the police movement; Crime Severity Index; assaults on Police; random attacks on citizens; treatment and care for young persons; the RCMP organize a Union; $20,000 recruiting bonus; public support of improving public safety and the police budget; Charlayne Thornton-Joe and Canada Day; atmospheric river; our favourite episodes; 2022 Municipal Elections.

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