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Retired Victoria City Councillor - Chris Coleman

January 10, 2022 Matt Waterman/Chris Coleman Season 2 Episode 1
True Blue Podcast
Retired Victoria City Councillor - Chris Coleman
Show Notes

Chris Coleman served on Council for the City of Victoria for 20 years.  His love of Victoria and it's people become evident in this interview.   Chris believes that if you're going to serve the public you should learn the most you can about all City functions.   Chris experienced multiple police ride-along adventures and got a chance to see the professionalism and dedication of police officers working in Victoria and Esquimalt.

Chris highlights the need for governors to understand the way police are effected on the street by decisions at the governing table.    He believes the principles of Sir Robert Peel still have a place in today's society and he quotes Principle #9 and notes how it can be incorrectly interpreted at times.   Chris wants everyone to watch a video developed by the University of Washington on the Peelian Principles:

Chris is a supporter of Restorative Justice and believes it should be an available option for law enforcement.   He comments briefly about the Defund the Police movement and how the unintended consequences have proven the movement untenable.   He knows addressing the perception and reality of public safety in the downtown area needs to be a priority to achieve a vibrant city.

Will Chris commit to running for another Municipal election??  We ask him.

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